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“The Best Champagne for Your Wedding May Not Be Champagne at All” – Martha Stewart Weddings

Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life gives a crash course on sparkling wine for newlyweds and brings couples past Champagne to bubbles from around the world. Including a recommendation for Nino Franco Rustico!

NNF Rustico BottleProsecco

Perfect For: Frugal partyers

What You Should Know: Prosecco, from the Veneto region of Italy, is your true budget alternative—especially if you’re going for quantity. Prosecco is an affordable option in large part due to the production method (called the Charmat method). Instead of the second fermentation happening in the bottle—which is incredibly labor-intensive, specialized, and expensive—the second fermentation happens in a big tank. So, while the process is a bit less artisanal, the flavor is still festive, light, fruity, and effervescent.

Try Nino Franco Rustico.

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