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Nino Franco Highlighted on Grape Collective by Christy Canterbury MW for being a Pioneer in the Prosecco DOCG

Master of Wine Christy Canterbury recently visited the Prosecco region of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and had this to stay about the area, “These are the most beautiful vineyards I’ve ever seen. And, I’ve seen a lot of vineyards.”

In this feature Christy details out the vast differences between Prosecco DOCG and Prosecco DOC and IGT areas:

“Just as some jewels are more precious than others, so they are here. In wine grape growing, hills trump plains for top quality, and neither Conegliano nor Valdobbiadene are short on slopes. This is mostly unlike the Prosecco DOC and IGT areas, composed of flat lands surrounding the DOCG region. The DOCG zone makes the most prized wines because of its vineyards’ privileged hillside positions that require an exorbitant number of wo/man labor hours and produce small yields (compared to DOC and IGT Prosecco) as well as the detail-oriented prophets who prove with every glass that their wines’ quality is better.

Whereas DOC and IGT Prosecco from the plains requires approximately 150 hours of labor per hectare per year, DOCG Prosecco made on the slopes can require 500 to 800 hours.

Moreover, DOCG producers work much harder for far less yield, about 25% less per hectare.”

Nino Franco is featured for producing some of these Prosecco gems from the DOCG and for being one of the first wineries in the zone that has helped mold the Prosecco category into what it is today – “ruler of the kingdom of sparklers in sales growth and broad consumer appreciation.”

GRAVE DI STECCAChristy recommends Nino Franco 2010 Valdobbiadene Brut Grave di Stecca:

This wine has a pronounced yellow color that is lovely if a little unusual for Prosecco (even if this technically isn’t labeled a Prosecco). It smells of clove-studded pear, ginger and spice cake. It’s impressively medium rather than light (like most Prosecco) in body with seamlessly integrated acidity and a prominently long finish. Highly distinctive, this is a compelling wine that shows its minerally Valdobbiadene terroir with pride.

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